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Constructive criticism is essential to a designers growth, something you don't always get back from watching a how to video. A designer, should have great hand to paper skills as a computer only does as much as the user knows. All that being said, a trained designer should also be open to learning on the job, as some things can not be taught in school. My point, be open to learning and growing, weather you are trained or not. 1. The lowest 10% of graphic designers who are employed full time earned less than $27,000 per year in salary. 2. On the other hand, the highest 10% of salary earners within this industry earned over $77,000. 3. Almost 25% of all graphic designers are self employed. 4.

In order to reach her financial goals, the graphic designer has to aspire to be masterful in her creative life.

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His submission blew away the judges not only because of the originality of his idea but all the drawings he submitted with the his concept he had designed each character and each level explaining how the central concept pans out.

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