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The duo based their fine jewelry collection on three themes, knots or bows, stars and feathers. Each piece of jewelry was remarkable not only for its delicate setting and the discrete clasp, but also for its interchangeability, such as a necklace that could be converted into a brooch or a bracelet, or a pendant that could be transformed into a pin. The stunning collection of fine jewelry was exhibited for two weeks in November 1932, at Chanel's private apartment in Paris, at 29, Rue du Faubourg St. Honore. The exhibition became very popular among the elite of Paris, and was directly responsible for De Beers stocks rising 20 points on the London Stock Exchange, just two days after its opening. The diamonds used in the jewelry were cut in unusual shapes such as triangles, hexagons and trapezoids, and varied in size from very small to very large. The stones were set in invisible settings, causing the diamonds to be exposed fully, maximizing their dazzling effect. As it was characteristic of Chanel, she had a ready made explanation, when asked about her interest in fine jewelry in the 1930s, when in the 1920s she had vigorously promoted costume jewelry. She said she promoted fake glass jewelry during the boom period of the early 1920s, "because they were devoid of arrogance in an epoch of too easy luxe," but now she was promoting precious gems because they had "the greatest value in the smallest volume, and answered a hunger for authenticity and real value in a world where times were hard. " Some of the masterpieces created by Chanel and Iribe in 1932, include, the three rowed diamond bow necklace; the six rowed diamond comet necklace; the diamond tiara surmounted by a diamond studded star; the Bague Comete, a star motif ring; the Collier Fontaine, a 405 diamond necklace with two pendants, one of which could be converted to a brooch; and the Bracelet Franges. In 1940, France was occupied by Adolph Hitler's forces and the Nazis made Hotel Ritz, their French headquarters.

For instance, entities with gender balanced management saw an average increase of 4% in employee engagement compared to only 1% for the others.

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The brand’s unapologetic, gutsy, and playful personality comes through the typeface’s geometric, bold shapes and unconventional punctuations. More…

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" July 2002 saw the opening in Madison Avenue of Chanel's jewelry and watch flagship store, followed soon afterwards by a shoes and handbags boutique next door. More…

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” Renowned for her honest, expressive and observational photography, Elaine is now one of the most well respected photographers in the fashion industry, a Bafta nominated film director and has taken part in legendary exhibitions like Tate Britain’s Look at Me and the VandA’s Imperfect Beauty. More…

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And yes, we handle all the details for you to ensure the best impression can be made for your business. More…