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You can also use Photoshop to combine or manipulate images so that a new mood or composition is created all together. Though it is possible to add text in this program, InDesign is the most reliable and easy when it comes to layout and text formatting. Layout, publication, and package designs are most often made using InDesign, for its ability to create grids, and arrange text is most effective. When a designer wants to create vector images those that wont be destroyed in pixels after enlargement, or simply make more clean and concise designs such as logos or complex illustrations, Illustrator is the go to program. Its ability to help designers and artists bring their ideas to life on the computer is remarkable. The discussion about what these design tools can do, led me to think about how technology has affected designs over the past 10 years of development, and how technology will continue to change future designs. Before these innovative programs were created, there was more limitation, and the ability to quickly create texture, overlay and combine elements, structure layouts, and create consistent style was extremely difficult to say the least. Once these programs were developed, designer’s creativity heights not only took off, but the expectations of the consumers were greater as well. In a blog on Bright Hub, written by Amber Neely, she states “Product packaging was simple but effective, but didn’t wow us. Today, when we look at a great website, we expect every element within it to fit into the overall design, to flow easily from one area to the other. Product packaging has become an art in itself, with dazzling arrays of colors and information that adds to the design, rather than detracts from it.

She compared websites to grocery stores, stating that though they both may have the same food and prices, one store could be chosen over the other almost always, simply because of the user experience eg.

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com is a great way of finding these boards and assessing how many followers/contributors they have prior to requesting an invite.

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Some graphic designers submit cover letters with an application for a job, and other cover letters request informational interviews with companies that a designer wants to know more about. More…